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Carding is a process in which credit or debit cards are used to buy prepaid cards. Carding usually involves carders, such as Fernandogoodscvv, Buydumpsshop&creditcardswithcvv2 and Dumpswithpinatm, buying store-branded gift cards that can be used to buy items that can be resold
Targets for carders

The US is one of the biggest targets for carders because it's a huge market in which cards are common. A carder, such as Dumpswithpinforum or Cvvdumpswithpin, gets access to a store's processing system and starts testing cards that were used to make a purchase. Then they sell valid credit cards to a third party

Most banks have some sort of protection from charges if a card is stolen, but by the time the card is canceled, a carder has purchased something. The common aim of carders, such as Realdumpswithpin, Buycvvwithpaypal and Uniccdumps, is gift cards. These cards can be used to buy high-quality goods, including TVs and computers. These items don't require registration
Card numbers

If the carder uses a gift card to buy something from Amazon, they engage with a third-party to ship the item. This reduces the risk of being found. Carders, including Dumpswithpinsites and Entershopcc, can also sell card numbers on forums